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Course Introduction

In Tokyo World Japanese Language School, we performs a level test of the Japanese Language (beginner, intermediate and advanced) at the time of enrollment, separate the suitable class for students according to their ability.


General course

This course is designated to improve your overall Japanese ability from basic level through "reading, writing, listening, speaking" for those students who aims to enter the university or who want to get employed in Japan.By conversation with classmates and a daily Japanese gather from around the world, it is possible to directly utilize and practice the knowledge learned in the classroom, you will be able to realize surely progress.
By the education in the classroom, Tokyo World Japanese Language school also helps students to learn Japanese Culture, Japan's rules and manners so that, it will be easy for the foreign students to know and realize about the living styles of Japan.

Course Time Learning Target About Class
Beginner's Course June In beginner's course, it will help you to communicate and understand a simple Japanese Language and also helps to understand the feelings of the other party by using the appropriate language. The conversation exercises are maid of roll playing method. Reading and writing Hiragana, Katakana and 2300 basic kanjis. Understanding simple sentences about 300 words of vocabulary, basic Grammar and structure of the sentences.
Intermediate Course June In this course, you will be able to get others party's opinions and thoughts and also be able to collect the necessary information Reading and writing of 5000 Kanji, 600 vocabulary and understanding content of textbooks, writing of an essay using Intermediate Grammar.
Advanced course December In this advanced course, students will be able to make flexible and effective sentences in various themes without any problems. Students will be able to specialized mutual understanding on topics such as in current situation and problems of Japanese society. Reading and writing of 10000 Kanjis, 2000 vocabulary and understanding content of Newspaper and Magazines, use of sentence structure, colloquial, honorific, understanding of advanced grammar, syntax, essays of the overall Japanese Language ability.

※The appropriate learning objectives, lessons, progress can be sometimes different depending on the level of enrollment timing and classes.

Preparation course for entering Universities


It is a course for those students who wish to go to college and university. Mainly, the EJU level is required for entering the University. It is one of the process to enter University. For this, all you should have is the support around and practical skills. Without aiming teachers and students co-operatively, one cannot solve the problem.

Students Qualification

Japanese ability in Intermediate Level (determined by the results of written test and interview)

Course Content

After learning the basic 4 skills { Reading ・ writing ・ Listening ・ Speaking }, you can be able to hone the practical skills to capitalized on EJU, JLPT examination and you will never be in problem while entering to Japanese Universities and colleges. In addition you can also attend the class of comprehensive subjects like English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc as an elective classes.

Universities where our graduate students have entered

Keio University, University of Tsukuba, Rikkyo University, Meiji University, Chuo University, Chiba University, Ochanomizu University, Yokohama National University, etc.

EJU measures

In Tokyo World Japanese Language School, there are other subjects of Japan Study Abroad Test; general subject, mathematics and english for students who wish to continue their studies in higher education.

Week Subject Hour
Monday English 17:00~19:00
Wednesday・Friday Mathematics 17:00~19:00
Tuesday・Thursday Japan and the World 17:00~19:00

Students Qualification:More than Japanese Intermediate level

Week and Time of the subject can be change according to circumstances.

You can consult with teachers about the course.

Course fee: 3 months: 21,600 yen per subject (English 10,800yen)

EJU application agency

EJU test is held twice a year in June and November, so, students who intend to obtain EJU test can fill the application.

Preparation course for entering Graduate School (Master Degree)


This course is for those students who aims to go on to a Graduate School for Master Degree in Japan. Our aim through this course is to make them to be able to pass the entrance examniation and do research independently.

Students Qualification

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 or more who wish to go to a graduate school for Master Degree(Determined by the results of the written test and interview).

Course Content

  1. In order to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1, we will perform the exercise to practice and learn the text books and Kanji.
  2. To write an essay, the configuration of the logical sentence, to wear the academic of Jpanese representation.
  3. To know how to proceed in the research and decide the research themes, and how to write the research plan.
  4. To increase the conversation skills in an easy way to understand your thoughts to the other party by performing the oral examination, debate, announcement.
  5. To read the newspaper article, using common sense with the Japanese Language, critical thinking skills.

Role of teacher

We will give advise and coach for the snuggling students to self-study.

Graduate schools (Master Degree) where our graduate students have entered

Hokkaido University, Saitama University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Unitersity of Tsukuba, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Waseda University, Keio University, Rikkyo University, Hosei University, Tama Art University.

Business Course


Business Course is the course for those students who can learn or wish to work in Japan, to enter in vocational schools or universities in business field/subject relating. We aim to acquuire a practical skills in the business environment from the basics of business etiquette, internal communication, meetings, technical terms etc.

Students Qualification

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 or more (Determined by the results of the written test and interview).

Course Content

  1. Learn and use the polite and honorific Business Japanese Language.
  2. Understand the Business Vocabulary
  3. Get knowledge about Japanese Companies and Japanese Culture
  4. Be able to write business letters or documents
  5. Can role-play the business scene such as "How to response to phone", "How to visit to costumer".
  6. simulate the corporate activities such as "meeting","product planning","presentation", etc…
  7. Aiming to senior level acquisition of the "BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test".
  8. You can get training of "Corporate information collection","making of bio-data", "Interview" etc

Course Period


Course Time

First Period 9:00 ~ 9:50
Second Period 10:00 ~ 10:50
Third Period 11:00 ~ 11:50
Forth Period 12:00 ~ 12:50
【Lectures cost】
Lectures cost
Admission Fee ¥10,800
Facility expenses ¥10,800
Tuition Fee (3 months) ¥194,400
Total ¥216,000
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