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Curriculum Guide

Introduction of Each Course

We are conducting a selection class once in a week for students who have higher than the Intermediate level.
Lesson has been designed with fun and in an interesting way depending in time so that student can learn and remember quickly.
You can also learn Japanese Language in slightly different point of view besides textbooks.

Students Eligibility: higher than Intermediate level

Preparation Course for Entrance Examination

Characteristics of Classes

  • Classes for students who want to enter graduate school, undergraduate school, vocational school and other higher education institutions.
  • Consequenty, this course is made for students who aim to pass EJU, Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
  • Besides of them, there are some elective classes for students such as general subject, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry etc, if necessary.
Business Japanese

Characteristics of Classes

  • Essential expressions required for the daily conversation in the company, that will help to facilitate communication.
  • Students can acquire technical terms to use on the job training and also can learn the way japanese companies are working.
Japanese Culture

Characteristics of Classes

  • Students can learn Japanese Language except outside of general textbooks, using newspapers and magazines, etc…
  • Students can learn how to write essay and papers used in Japanese Society and companies.
  • Students learn correct prononciation and vocalization by playing radio drama, etc…
Japanese Video・Animation

Characteristics of Classes

  • This course purpose is to learn the Japanese Language through Japanese movies and dramas.
  • Students can learn the language using current affairs through breaking news and can exchange their opinion with respect to the flow of society with each other.
  • Students can enjoy learning practical Japanese, such as, spoken Japanese Language and slang which are used in everyday life.
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