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Admission Application

Entrance Qualification

For the acquisition of a student visa

  • For persons who finished a school of regular course education, 12 years course (might depend on the country) and for persons who finished similar school education.
  • For persons who finished a course of secondary education (High school) , in his/her country, who has the qualification for entering a school such as undergraduate school.
    (For persons with graduation from high school or equivalent)
    (If the person hopes to enter an academy of higher grade in Japan; for example, undergraduate school, he/she has to finish school education courses more than 12 years)
  • For persons who can submit a certificate of studying Japanese Language more than 150 hours when he/she applies for the entrance to school, or for persons who learned higher than the fourth grade in Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
  • For persons who have a sponsor in Japan or in his/her country during the stay.

Session and Period of Entrance to School

January session (1 year 3 months), April Session (1 year or 2 years), July session (1 year 9 months) and October session (1 year 6 months)

Application deadline for entering the school

  • January session: The middle of September of previous year
  • April session: The middle of November of previous year
  • July session: The middle of March
  • October session: The middle of May

※Please prepare the documents in advance to make sure there are no mistakes (Please attach Japanese Language Translation of the documents too).
※Please take note that the student can't change the course.

Required documents for the application for entering school

Documents to be prepared by the student
  • Copy of the passport (Including the pages of your previous stays in Japan if you already visited Japan)
  • Tokyo World Japanese Language School application form
  • Curriculum Vitae and the explanation of the reason for coming studying japanese in Japan (on Tokyo World Japanese Language School application form)
  • Last school diploma or graduation certificate
  • For university students or currently enrolled students : Certificate of Enrollment and Certificate of temporary absence issued by your school
  • Japanese language learning certificate (for those who attended japanese classes in their home country)
  • Five Photos (taken within the past 3 months, Size: width 3cm× height 4cm)
Required documents for Sponsor to prepareInhabitants Abroad
  • Certificate of Bank deposit balance (issued by Bank)
  • Tenure Certificate and Business Registration Certificate (for those who run their own business)
  • Family relationship certificate (for proving relationship with the student)
Japan residence (for those whose sponsor lives in Japan)
  • A certificate of residence tax or paying income tax
  • Enrollment certificate or legal copy of the registration (for those who run their own business)
  • Affidavit of Financial Support (Tokyo World Japanese Language school specified form)
  • A certificate of seal registration
  • Bank deposit Balance Certificate (may need in some cases)
For students who can sponsor themselves
  • Certificate of deposit balance (bank account at his own name)
  • Employment certificate or original business registration certificate (for those who run their own business)


  • Documents submitted to immigration should have been issued in the past 3 months.
  • Validity period of the document should be three months.
  • Only the original certificates are accepted.
  • Documents should be filled out in block letters using a ballpoint pen or fountain pen.
  • One should draw 2 lines and stamp the correction seal when you correct documents.

※ Age of full years should be written in the documents.

Application form and curriculum vitae

  • Educational Background should be written in the chronological order from Elementary School to High school and so on. School name, Location, Admission Date, Graduation Date and total years should be filled clearly (applicant should fill up the application form by him/herself).
  • If you have enrolled in elementary school before 6 year old, please submit a living record.
  • If there is a gap in your education, you must provide an explanation (you shouldn't have blanks in your education/working life without explanation and also, you absolutely have to create an entry of the term of the preparation for examination).

Letter explaining your reasons for entering the school

Applicant should specifically fill the learning motivation (purpose and necessity) and the course after graduation (student should fill it out by him/herself).


  • The mentioned contents are for korean students. If the applicants are from other countries then please contact us for the inquires.
  • Application form and other documents won't be accepted if there are mistakes.
  • Entrance fee, school fee and other expenses can be changed depending on the circumstances, so, please check in advance.
  • According to the school rules, the tuition fees are non-refundable.
  • The deadline of the application for the entering the will be closed as soon as we reach the students maximum capacity.
  • The deadline for the application can be changed. Please contact us for any inquiry.
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