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Principal/Director 鎌田一宣 We at Tokyo World Japanese Language School, are pursuing the ideal education system. It's education which build the character in human being. In addition, we assume in particular 3 values "Favour","Intellect" and "Courage" in administration of our school, providing excellence and quality learning, teaching facilities with lots of extra curricular classes and other activities to understand the Japanese Society and the japanese Culture. Students are studying in japanese schools for lany reasons, so we prepared adapted coursed to help students to achieve their goals in Japan.

Preparation courses for the purpose of enrollment.
This course is specially designed for students willing to enroll in graduate school. This course is mainly focused on academic guidance to higher education institutions such as vocational school, undergraduate and graduate school, so, we are preparing classes for EJU, JLPT and JSTE. Besides, if necessary, students can take elective classes, such as general subject, English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Secondarily, we have the Business Japanese (BJT JETRO) Course.
This course is made for students who wish to work in Japan in the future. In this Business Japanese Class, we will help you to achieve the goal of learning basic Business Japanese. It is very effective as a first step to learn the business language for those who aim to find a job in Japan or in a Japanese affiliated company.

Furthermore, we have Japanese Culture communication course.
This class is for learning and experiencing the traditional culture in Japan and social thought in Japanese society from various angles. You can learn about the Japanese culture and the way of thinking in this class. For example, th way of wearing the Japanese Dress, the tea ceremony experience, greeting people, etc.

In addition, we also have Video ・ Japanese Animation Course.
This course is made to enjoy learning the Japanese Language out of the text books. This class contents Japanese movie, drama, animation and so on, which are popular outside of Japan, and will help you to understand not only the different words but also the habit and behavior of Japanese people.

We believe that these practices will be useful in Japanese society, which is now opening up to international and trying to build relationships with foreign countries.
We all at Tokyo World Japanese Language School, are heartly waiting for you, in order to help you achieving your goals in the future.

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