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School Introduction & History

We are teaching Japanese Language for students, understanding the world is heading in the direction of globalization and international exchange as a solid base. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to contribute to the friendship and the development between international people with knowing and understanding the culture of each other.

This is a Japanese Language School, where the students prepare themselves for entering a undergraduate school, a vocational school, getting a job as an interpreter or translator, or getting a job in Japan's industrial fields.

School Information

FacilitiesAssociation for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education Tokyo World Japanese Language School
First Building : Address1-13-24 Hyakunincho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 169-0073 Japan
Second Building : Address1-22-12 Hyakunincho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 169-0073 Japan
Third Building : Address1-8-15 Kita Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 169-0074 Japan

TEL:F03-5332-3531 FAX:F03-5332-3530
Representative DirectorKAZUNOBU KAMATA
Nearest StationJR Okubo Station
JR Shinokubo station
School appearance

School History

1989April  Establishment of Tokyo World Language Academy
1990Authorized as a Japanese Language School by the Promotional Association of Japanese Language Education
1993Establishment of Tokyo Koiwa School
1999Authorized/Certified as a reasonable/proper Japanese Language School in the district of Tokyo.
1999Moved/ Relocated to Kameido, Tokyo
Improved in teaching Japanese Language with new techniques and environments、Developed TWLA.
2002Engaged with ECC Training College, Vancouver, Canada as a Sister School
2003Engaged with University of Cheju, Korea as Sister School
2004Establishment of Tokyo World Language Academy in Kathmandu Nepal
2005Establishment of Tokyo World Language Academy in Singapore
2007Enlargment of second Building
2008Moved/ Relocated to Kita Shinjuku, Tokyo
2009Enlargment of second Building
2010Relocated Second Building
2014Re-located to Hyakunincho, Shinjuku, Tokyo as a main building with a new name “Tokyo World Japanese Language School (TWJLS)”
2017Relocated Second Building

Characteristics of Education

  • Educational Policy

    Students dedicate themselves to acquire linguistic ability and to help practical use through lessons from the basic scholarship to the applied ability. Simultaneously, they are trying to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and Japanese society.
  • Lesson Hours

    Classes are divided into two shifts: Morning shift and Day shift, for five days a week, and each shift lead four hours per day.
  • Class Capacity

    Maximum capacity of one class is 20 students or less in small classes.
  • Off - Campus Learning

    We make a visit for study in Japanese nature, Culture or Industry twice a year. In addition, we carry out an educational trip yearly to get to know the culture of the local cities and to deepen the friendship between students.
  • School Holidays

    We don’t have classes on every Saturday and Sunday and national holidays. In addition, we have about 3 weeks holidays at the end of every session.
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