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We will be reporting necessary information of the daily life in Japan.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Please dial the following telephone numbers for emergencies. Please remember these numbers.
While calling those numbers, please make sure to tell your name, address and the reason for calling.

Police Station・・・・・110 (No need of area code)
Fire department・Rescue department・Ambulance・・・・119 (No need of area code)

In case of an Earthquake

Japan is a land where earthquakes often happen, so please, always be prepared to escape in the case of an earthquake.
Keep your important documents such as Passport in a safe and easy-to-reach place so that you can pick quickly your valuable objects in the case of an emergency.
If you are living with your family or with other people, make sure to decide in advance the place to use as an emegency exit when there is an eathquake or any other emergency.
It is convenient if you think about preparing some useful things such as water, food (dried bread, biscuits, canned food, etc) for two or three days, a can opener, medicines, a flashlight, a radio, a new battery, etc. Please put these things always in your room so that you can easily take them with you while hurring up during an emergency.
It is better not to enter any building if there is a big shake, because the shake might continue.

You need to pay attention to the followings at the time of a seism :

  • Switch off the fire or the gas as well as the valve.
  • Please be sure that the windows or doors are opened for securing the exits.
  • Pay attention to the broken glass and stay away from the windows and glasses.
  • Move under a strong table or towards the door to keep your body safe.
  • If you are inside your room then its better not to go outside because falling objects may hurt you.
  • Go to a wide and safe place if you are outdoors.

A Telephone

Public Telephone

Telephone charges depends on the distance of the other party. In the case of local calls, it costs 10 yens for 60 seconds.

International Telephone

In case of International Call, Please dial : 001+(The other person’s country code)+(The other person’s area number)+(the other person’s phone number)
Note: Please remove "0" from the area code number of the other person.

About Postal Services

Following are the normal rates of the mail service. Rates can vary for the special mail other than the following, for the parcel and for the heavy luggage.

Domestic Postal Service charge rates

Typeweightnormal (yen)special delivery (yen)
Standard size25g Within80350
50g Within90360
Nonstandard-size mail50g Within120390
75g Within140410
100g Within160430
150g Within200470
200g Within240510

Standard size : 14-23.5cm in length, 9-12cm in width, 1cm thick, only for 50g in weight

International airmail postage

A kindWeightFirst zoneSecond zoneThird zone
North America,
Central America,
Middle East,
South America
A letterStandard sizeTo 25g¥90¥110¥130
To 50g¥160¥190¥230
Nonstandard-size mailTo 50g¥220¥260¥300
To 100g¥330¥400¥480
To 250g¥510¥670¥860
Postcard-Charges varies according to Countries and Distances
Aerogram-Charges varies according to Countries and Distances

Standard size : 14-23.5cm in length, 9-12cm in width, 1cm thick, only for 50g in weight

You can get stamps in a post office or in some places with red mark 〒.
In addition, you can send money to a foreign country at the post office (ask post office directly for further information).

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