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Part-time job

Students are allowed to have part-time job for maximum 28 hours a week after entering school. You need to apply for the work permit called "certificate to engage in activity other than permitted by the status of residence" previously granted by the Immigration bureau.
You can get this working permit directly at the airport, at the immigration counter while entering Japan if you apply for it there.
Foreign students are not allowed to work in adult shops, casinos, etc... and are also not allowed to overwork.

How to find the Part-Time Job

To find a part-time job, you can ask non-Japanese students who stayed long in Japan or schoolmates. Also magazines and Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners (Hellowork) will help you to find a part-time job, if you want to get one.

TypeJob DescriptionHourly Wages
Fast FoodCashier¥900
Ramen ShopDelivery¥1,000
Teppanyaki shopWaiter/Waitress¥950
BBQ RestaurantWaiter/Waitress¥950
Convenience storeCashier¥900
Soba Noodles ShopDelivery¥900
Take out Food ShopCashier/Delivery¥900
Part-Time Job
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