Introduction & History

The current global situation is heading toward the direction of greater internationalization. TWJLS is trying to play a small part in this demand for international goodwill and teach Japanese language, thereby contributing to cooperation and development between two different countries as well as learning and understanding the culture of foreign countries.
TWJLS aims to provide quality education by providing excellent learning and teaching facilities for its students who wish to go to universities and vocational schools in Japan and work globally with Japanese skills.

Basic Information

School NameJapanese language institute authorized by the Ministry of Justice
Address of Main Building1-13-24, Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073
Phone Number of Main BuildingTEL:+81-3-5332-3531
Student Capacity1752 students(2018 to present)


1989 AprilEstablishment of Tokyo World Language Academy
1990Authorized by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education
1993Establishment of Tokyo Koiwa School
1999Certified as a proper Japanese language school in the district of Tokyo
1999Relocated to Kameido, Tokyo
Developed Japanese language teaching method “Studying TWLA”
2002Engaged with ECC Training College, Vancouver, Canada as a sister school
2003Engaged with University of Cheju, Korea as a sister school
2004Establishment of Tokyo World Language Academy in Kathmandu Nepal
2005Establishment of Tokyo World Language Academy in Singapore
2008Relocated to Kitashinjuku, Tokyo
2014Re-located to Hyakunincho, Shinjuku, Tokyo as a main building with a new name “Tokyo World Japanese Language School (TWJLS)”
2016Establishment of Tokyo World Education Center at Hanoi, Vietnam
2017Construction of Second Building
Increase the student capacity to 1600 people
2018Increase the student capacity to 1752 people