Preparatory Japanese Course for Graduate Studies

This course is for those students who aim to go on to a graduate school for Master degree in Japan. Our aim through this course is to make them to be able to pass the entrance examination and do research independently. Students will be selected by the results of written test and interview.


Information gatheringHow to gather information on the entrance examination and research supervisor. How to maximize your exam preparation. Finding technical books and essays. Listening to senior students’ success stories.
Write essaysKnowledge of vocabularies, text structures, and viewpoints. Exercise for writing essays and reports.
Write research proposalDeciding on a research topic. Designing and writing a research proposal and a statement of purpose.
Contact a research supervisorHow to write an e-mail, talk on the phone, and carry out a conversation.
Preparation for an interviewHow to answer the questions. Interview training.
Knowledge of culture and current affairs of Japanese societyDiscussing regarding current social topics. Presentation exercise.
Preparation for JLPT(Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) N1Exam tips / Study plan / Practice questions



1st Period9:00~9:45
2nd Period9:55~10:40
3rd Period10:50~11:35
4th Period11:45~12:30