Tokyo World Japanese Language School was established as a language school in April 1989, and has been accredited by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education in April 1990. TWJLS provides courses on not only Japanese language but also Japanese culture and customs through linguistic education and aim to bring up foreign students to be able to speak Japanese language with deep understanding about Japanese people. Especially I assume three basic values, namely, Favor, Intellect, and Courage in administering our school.

1. Favor
People live in a community and help one another. Living in a community and helping fellow individuals make them grateful for one another.

2. Intellect
An individual upgrades and improves oneself through lifelong study. Without knowledge or learning, an individual has no value or one’s life cannot exist. Always actively seek knowledge.

3. Courage
When people feel depressed or are in a state of lost thought, they may remain in the depths of depression for a long period. Considering certain changes in life can be helpful while in such condition, and courage is needed to undertake the changes.

I hope you to gain a sense of abovementioned three basic values and graduate from TWJLS.

Principal / Director