Selective Classes

We are conducting a selection class once in a week for students who have higher than the intermediate level.

Lesson has been designed with fun and in an interesting way depending in time so that students can learn and remember quickly. You can also learn Japanese language in slightly different point of view besides textbooks.

Business JapaneseA person’s ability to speak Japanese does not necessarily guarantee him or her a work in Japan as work manners are crucial. Knowing the manners and ways to respond depending on the other party such as co-workers, superiors, customers, and visitors, among others, will be required by Japanese companies. As such, knowing the expressions or representations of words or expressions particular to a business is required. This class will help students learn the basic Business Japanese. It is effective as a first step for students who intend to find employment in Japan or in Japanese affiliated companies overseas.
Japanese CultureThis class is for learning and experiencing the traditional Japanese culture and social norms of Japanese society from various perspectives. Students can learn Japanese culture and the way Japanese typically think. Activities include learning how to wear Japanese dress, flower arrangement and write greeting letters according to season as well as a tea ceremony experience.
Japanese Video・AnimationStudents can learn the Japanese language without textbooks by taking this class. Class contents, consisting of Japanese movies, dramas, and animations that are popular overseas, will help students understand not only the informal spoken languages but also the habit and behavior of Japanese people.
Preparatory class for JLPTThis class is for students who plan to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. They will be taught of the effective way to learn and solve questions in preparation for the JLPT.
Preparatory class for EJUThis is a preparatory class for the EJU for students who want to further their studies in universities. This course encourages its students to practice the method of answering different logical questions that are different from JLPT.