Business Japanese Course

Business Course is the course for those students who can learn or wish to work in Japan, to enter in vocational schools or universities in business field relating. We aim to acquire a practical skills in the business environment from the basics of business etiquette, internal communication, meetings, technical terms etc.


Communication skillsPractice honorific expressions, conversation through role playing, and business expressions
Phonetic exercisesPractice pronunciation and intonation
Understanding of Japanese business cultureJapanese customs and taboos, Japanese companies and business customs, Food Culture
Job huntingSupport for job hunting
Preparation for JLRT (BJT Listening and Reading Comprehension Test)Vocabulary (idiomatic expressions, current meaning of the terms), Phonetics (pronunciation and intonation), Conversation 1 (honorific expressions), Listening and reading (exercises on question), Dictation (original prints)
Preparation for JOCT (BJT Oral Communication Test)Interview (question and answer), Speech (content and structure), Conversation 2 (business conversation), Role-playing (grasping / understanding situations and expressions), Japanese affairs (culture, custom, and manner)



1st Period9:00~9:50
2nd Period10:00~10:50
3rd Period11:00~11:50
4th Period12:00~12:50