Recommendation System

There is a system of designated school recommendation for a good student who has an attendance rate over 90% and the student is diligent. For those students who receive a letter of recommendation, the burden of the entrance examination becomes considerably lighter. The list of designated recommendation universities and vocational schools (2022 results) are as follows.

Undergraduate School


School Name

Shibaura Institute of TechnologyAll faculties and departments
Toyo UniversityFaculty of Letters
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Life Sciences
Faculty of Design for Welfare Society・Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences
Teikyo UniversityFaculty of EconomicsFaculty of Language Studies, Department of Global Japanese Studies
Teikyo University Junior College, Department of Human Cultures, Department of Contemporary Business
Musashino UniversityDepartment of Global Communication, Faculty of Global Studies
Takushoku UniversityCollege of Commerce, Department of Business Administration
Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Department of Economics
Otsuma Women’s UniversityDepartment of Social Information Studies, Faculty of Social Information Studies
Yamanashi Gakuin UniversityDepartment of Law
Department of Business Administration
Shumei UniversityThe Faculty of Management and Business Governance
The Faculty of English and IT Management
The Faculty of Tourism and Business Management
Bunka Gakuen UniversityBunka Gakuen University
Ryutsu Keizai UniversityFaculty and Department of Distribution and Logistics Systems
Department of Tourism, Faculty of Sociology
Department of Business Law, Faculty of Law
Bunri University of HospitalityFaculty of Service Management, Department of Health & Welfare Management
Kyoei UniversityDepartment of International Management
Aomori University Faculty of Comprehensive Management
Faculty of Sociology
Faculty of Software and Information Science
Keisen UniversityDepartment of Japanese Language and Culture・Department of English Communication, Faculty of Humanities
Department of International Social Studies,・Department of Psychology and Horticulture, Faculty of Human and Social Studies
Japan University of EconomicsDepartment of Management(Business and Management Course, Global Business Course, Entertainment Management Course)
Chiba Institute of ScienceFaculty of Risk and Crisis Management
Niigata College of TechnologyAutomotive Engineering
Osaka University of TourismCollege of Tourism, Depatment of Tourism
Faculty of International Exchange(Selection for Transfer Students)
Beijing Language and Culture UniversityFaculty of Chinese Studies
Ikenobo Junior CollegeDepartment of Environmental Culture
Shobi UniversityFaculty of Policy Management
Sanno UniversityFaculty of Economics, Department of Economics
Shiseikan UniversityFaculty of Sociology, Department of Sociology
Tokyo Polytechnic UniversityFaculty of Engineering
Kyoto University of Foreign StudiesFaculty of Foreign Languages, Department of Japanese Studies
Faculty of Global Engagement, Department of Global Studies / Department of Global Tourism
Daiichi Institute of TechnologyDepartment of Information and
Electronic Systems Engineering
Kansai University of International StudiesFaculty of International communication
Faculty of Sociology
Faculty of Psychology
Faculty of Management
Faculty of Education


Vocational School


LocationSchool Name
Tokyo MetropolisJapan Electronics College
Tokyo MetropolisHiko Mizuno College of Jewerly
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Animation College
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo College of Cycle Design
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo College of Sushi & Washoku
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Business and Language College
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Shokuryo Dietitian Academy
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Culinary and Confectionery Arts Academy
Tokyo MetropolisHattori Nutrition College
Tokyo MetropolisSHOBI College of Music
Tokyo MetropolisShin Tokyo Dental Technician School
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Toshima IT Medical Welfare College
Tokyo MetropolisNihon Kogakuin College
Tokyo MetropolisHollywood Fashion and Beauty College
Tokyo MetropolisICS College of Arts
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Designers School
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Visual Arts
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo School of Business
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Institute of Tourism
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Cool Japan
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Technical College
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Professional College of Automobile Technology 
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Global Business School
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Automobile University School
Tokyo MetropolisShuto IKO College of Medical & Welfare
Tokyo MetropolisFashion College Sakuragaoka
Tokyo MetropolisTrajal Hospitality & Tourism College
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Bridal College
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Nikken Institute of Technology
Tokyo MetropolisWaseda-Bunri College of Arts&Sciences
Tokyo MetropolisOchanomizu School of Business
Tokyo MetropolisYomiuri Institute of Technology & Welfare
Tokyo MetropolisYomiuri College of Car Mechanic
Tokyo MetropolisThe Japan Hotel School
Tokyo MetropolisShibuya Institute of Foreign Languages
Tokyo MetropolisTokyo Business and Language College
Tokyo MetropolisSundai College of Business & Foreign Languages
Tokyo MetropolisSundai Computer & Business College
Tokyo MetropolisSundai Travel & Hotel College
Tokyo MetropolisSundai Law, Economics & Business College
Tokyo MetropolisDigital Arts Tokyo School
Tokyo MetropolisSanko Gakuen, Tokyo 10 schools Chiba 4 schools Omiya 4 schools
Tokyo MetropolisYamanote Cooking & Confectionery College
Tokyo MetropolisYamanote Cooking & Confectionery College
Tokyo MetropolisSokei Academy of Fine Art & Design School
Chiba PrefectureJapan International Institute of Cybernetics
Chiba PrefectureChiba Mode Business
Chiba PrefectureTowa IT College
Saitama PrefectureAzuma Engineering College
Saitama PrefectureUrawa College
Saitama PrefectureCad Drafting Technical College
Saitama PrefectureChuo Computer & Communication College
Kanagawa PrefectureYokohama System Engineering College
Kanagawa PrefectureKashiwagi Business College
Kanagawa PrefectureYokohama YMCA College
Kanagawa PrefectureYokohama Fashion Design College
Tochigi  PrefectureSakura Sogo College
Tochigi  PrefectureNissan Automobile Technical College
Hokkaido PrefectureSapporo Manga Anime Gakuin College
Hokkaido PrefectureSapporo Designer Gakuin College
Hokkaido PrefectureSapporo Visual Arts
Hokkaido PrefectureHokkaido College of Animal Medical Care
Hokkaido PrefectureSapporo College of Bridal, Hotel and Tourism
Osaka PrefectureNihon Science and Information Technology College
Osaka PrefectureJapan College of Computer
Osaka PrefectureTsuji Culinary Institute
Osaka PrefectureTsuji Institute of Patisserie
Osaka PrefectureNihon Medical Welfare Professional Training College
Hyogo PrefectureKobe Institute of Computing