General Japanese Course

This course is designated to improve your overall Japanese ability from basic level through “reading, writing, listening, speaking” for those students who aims to enter the university or who want to get employed in Japan.By conversation with classmates gathering from around the world, it is possible to directly utilize and practice the knowledge learned in the classroom, you will be able to realize surely progress.
By the education in the classroom, Tokyo World Japanese Language school also helps students to learn Japanese culture, Japan’s rules and manners so that, it will be easy for the foreign students to know and realize about the living styles of Japan and become global person.


Level chartProgram periodTeaching materialsLearning TargetTeaching Method
Beginner I3 monthsMinna no Nihongo Shokyu IThis is the first step of the basic Japanese language education. This step helps students understand and respond in Japanese easily for daily life.The conversation exercises are made of the role-playing methods. Reading and writing Hiragana, Katakana and 2300 basic kanjis. Understanding simple sentences about 300 words of vocabulary, basic grammar and structure of the sentences.
Beginner II3 monthsMinna no Nihongo Shokyu IIThis step elaborates the Japanese language covered in the Beginner I level and helps students to easily communicate and express their feelings in a polite manner.
Intermediate I3 monthsManabou Nihongo lower-intermediateThis step helps students increase their vocabulary and communicate instinctively in a complicated conversation. This step also improves their listening and understanding skills as well as helps them express their opinions and thoughts.Reading and writing of 5000 Kanji, 600 vocabulary and understanding content of textbooks, writing of an essay using intermediate grammar.
Intermediate II3 monthsManabou Nihongo intermediateThis step helps students understand specific topics and communicate freely in a relaxed manner as if Japanese language is their native language.
Advanced I6 monthsManabou Nihongo upper-intermediateThis level is for the students to be able to read a sentence about various topics and express their feelings in conversation smoothly, flexibly, and more effectively using complicated words and expressions.Reading and writing of 10000 Kanjis, 2000 vocabulary and understanding content of Newspaper and Magazines, use of sentence structure, colloquial, honorific, understanding of advanced grammar, syntax, essays of the overall Japanese language ability.
Advanced II6 monthsManabou Nihongo advancedThis level is for students to be able to communicate about abstract and professional topics related to the current situation or the problems of Japanese society. Students can also learn the vocabulary necessary to enter universities and graduate schools.


PeriodMorning classDay class
1st Period9:00~9:4513:00~13:45
2nd Period9:55~10:4013:55~14:40
3rd Period10:50~11:3514:50~15:35
4th Period11:45~12:3015:45~16:30