Long-term program (Student visa)

1 Year1 Year 3 months1 Year 6 months1 Year 9 months2 Years
Selection charge20,000 yen20,000 yen20,000 yen20,000 yen20,000 yen
Entrance fee65,000 yen65,000 yen65,000 yen65,000 yen65,000 yen
Tuition fee696,000 yen870,000 yen1,044,000 yen1,218,000 yen1,392,000 yen
Institution cost42,000 yen52,500 yen63,000 yen73,500 yen84,000 yen
Total823,000 yen1,007,500 yen1,192,000 yen1,376,500 yen1,561,000 yen
First year823,000 yen823,000 yen823,000 yen823,000 yen823,000 yen
Second year184,500 yen369,000 yen553,500 yen738,000 yen

※Click here for tuition fees until January 2023

※Including school trip fee and material costs

Short-term and Working Holiday Program and Business Japanese Course

Short-term programWorking holiday programBusiness Japanese course
Two monthsThree monthsThree monthsFirst three monthsSecond three months
Entrance fee10,000 yen10,000 yen10,000 yen10,000 yen
Tuition fee108,000 yen162,000 yen135,000 yen185,000 yen185,000 yen
Institution cost10,000 yen10,000 yen10,000 yen10,000 yen10,000 yen
Total128,000 yen182,000 yen155,000 yen205,000 yen195,000 yen

※Current students need to pay additional fee to attend Business Japanese Course.
※Please contact us for Intensive short-term course.

Intensive preparation class for EJU

EnglishMathematics IGeneral subject
Three monthsThree monthsThree months
Tuition fee10,800 yen21,600 yen21,600 yen


Refund Policy

・In the case that the Certificate of Eligibility is not issued, only the screening fee will be charged.


・If a visa application is refused by the Japanese embassy or consulate abroad, the applicant will receive a refund of all fees except the selection charge and entrance fee. In order to apply for a refund, you will need a document that confirms the refusal of visa issuance (passport, etc.).


・In the event that a student declines enrollment before entering Japan for personal reasons, etc., all fees except the selection charge and enrollment fee will be refunded. In order to apply for a refund, the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and Certificate of Admission(COA) must be returned and a letter of resignation must be submitted.


・ Once enrolled, as a general rule, no refunds will be made for fees paid upon withdrawal from the school.


※Bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the payer.


JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization)

JASSO offers scholarship for international students enrolled in a Japanese language institution and are planning to go to a higher education such as universities, colleges, or vocational schools in Japan. The scholarship recipient must be excellent in their school and humanity and meet the five following conditions. ※The students are screened before being granted scholarships.

  1. Students who are excellent (including percentage of attendance and other extra curricular activities) in every Japanese language institution.
  2. Students who are getting an average remittance of less than 90,000 yen per month from their home country (excluding entrance fee and tuition fee).
  3. If you have received other scholarships, that payments of scholarship should be less than the amount of the following learning scholarship.
  4. Students whose sponsor’s income is less than 5,000,000 yen per year.
  5. Students who get scholarship should enter to the universities after the completion of the Japanese Language school

Scholarship amount per month: 30,000 yen (360,000 yen per year)


Perfect Attendance Reward

TWJLS grants the perfect attendance reward to students with no tardiness or absence from class. There is no limit on the number of awarded people.

Reward amount per three months: 3,000 yen
per one year : 10,000 yen