Graduate Interview

Undergraduate program at Chuo University

The reason why I chose TWJLS is because its large scale and a long history. I thought TWJLS is a reliable school. Every teacher at TWJLS was kind, and I am especially thankful for my teachers of university preparatory class. They supported me to proofread my statement of purpose until late at night. The best memory in TWJLS is being chosen as the representative of graduates. I was very proud because I could make a speech at a graduation ceremony. If you consider coming to Japan, just come and study at TWJLS. You will come to realize how attractive Japan is. I really enjoyed studying at TWJLS.

Graduate school at Rikkyo University

Teachers at TWJLS were not only kindhearted but also assisted us in every step of our social and school life. They gave us sensible opinions similar to what a family member does every day; this impressed me the most. Teachers supported me at the expense of her private lunchtime when I participated in a speech contest. Owing to their support, I was able to get the JASSO scholarship and placed first in a speech contest. I also obtained a high score in N1 and EJU that led me to enter Rikkyo University. I like TWJLS as it provided me with several opportunities.

Undergraduate program at komazawa University

Studying at TWJLS with friends from all over the world is an unforgettable memory for me.
Although various reward systems and opportunities were available for students at TWJLS, the perfect attendance reward given to students helped maintain my motivation. I had wanted to take a break many times as I was tired, but I braced myself and was able to get the perfect attendance reward for consecutive two years at graduation ceremony. This reward boosted my confidence and has currently inspired me to maintain a perfect attendance record in the university.
In my two years at TWJLS, I learned that “small things can also lead to good and positive results.” I believe in this proverb, which serves as my motivation to move forward and achieve success in my life.

Undergraduate program at Toyo University

I came to Japan as I was interested in Japanese culture. However, I was troubled all the time about my future study even after entering the country. With the support of TWJLS teachers, I was able to imagine my future plan and started studying hard to enter a university for a higher study. I want to thank my teachers who cared for me not only academically but also personally.
I believe that TWJLS is a welcoming school that nurtures students like me who were previously in trouble.

Tokyo International Business College

When I came to Japan for the first time, I could only greet in Japanese. It was extremely hard; it took a long time to open a bank account and register a health insurance card due to my low Japanese language proficiency. The simple things that I could do easily by myself in Vietnam had been difficult to do in Japan. This caused me to lose my confidence. However, at the time, TWJLS teachers supported and cared for me.
Several opportunities for student learning are available at TWJLS; these opportunities are not passive learning ones as TWJLS lets its students express their opinions in front of their classmates. At first, I was afraid and felt shy about expressing my opinion in front of my classmates, but this process eventually helped me achieve language proficiency. TWJLS even helped me understand Japanese customs and culture through classes.
TWJLS teachers helped and supported me to move forward to another stage of my life in Japan. I am thankful to the TWJLS teachers from the bottom of my heart.

Undergraduate program at Kaetsu University

I had difficulty to learn Kanji. However, the teachers in my class helped and taught me an easy way to understand it. This led me to have a greater interest in kanji. In JLPT preparatory class, the teachers taught me how to study in an effective way so that I could pass the N2 level.
The students at TWJLS were from different countries around the world. The environment in which students must talk in Japanese helped me improve my conversation skills. Friends encouraging one another has been an exceptional treasure for me. As such, I want to recommend TWJLS if you want to study the Japanese language in Japan.