Part-time job

Students are allowed to have a part-time job for a maximum 28 hours a week and specially 8 hours a day during long holidays with school permission letter. You need to apply for the work permit called “Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted” by the Immigration bureau.

You can get this working permit directly at the airport, at the immigration counter while entering Japan if you apply for it there.

Foreign students are not allowed to work in adult shops, casinos, etc… and are also not allowed to overwork.

How to find a part-time job?

You can find part-time job with…

Type of work

There are a lot of job openings for foreign students such as restaurants and sorting works. The average hourly wage is over 1000 yen and it will be paid higher for midnight work.

Type of workJob descriptionHourly Wage
Fast FoodCashier, Kitchen1,000 yen~
Family Restaurant1,000 yen~
Café1,000 yen~
Izakaya(Japanese bar-restaurant)1,000 yen~
Convenience StoreCashier, Stocking1,000 yen~
Supermarket1,000 yen~
Sorting WorkSorting work1,000 yen~