TWJLS introduce private accommodations and share houses upon request.

Kyoritsu International Foundation

Approximate rent53,000 yen per month and 5,400 yen for electricity&internet bill per month
Initial cost for three months246,200 yen
CharacteristicsMeals(Breakfast, Dinner), Single room, Shared facilities(Toilet, Large bathroom, Kitchen, and Laundry machine)
Basic FacilitiesAC,bed,bookshelf,desk,chair,closet,desk lamp,room phone

Male Dormitory

Dormitory TACHIKAWA 2

Access10 minutes walk from JR Tachikawa station
Transportation30 minutes commute
(from Tachikawa to Okubo)
Room StyleWestern-style 8.60㎡
Capacity247 people


Access12 minutes walk from JR Kokubunji station
Transportation25 minutes commute
(from Kokubunji to Okubo)
Room StyleWestern-style 9.72㎡
Capacity115 people

Female Dormitory

Dormitory Chofu

Access6 minutes walk from Keio Senkawa station
Transportation35 minutes commute(from Senkawa to Okubo)
Room StyleWestern-style 7.29㎡
Capacity66 people

Dormitory Hirai

Access3 minutes walk from JR Hirai station
Transportation30 minutes commute(from Hirai to Okubo)
Room StyleWestern-style 9.02㎡
Capacity92 people


Nikkan House Numabukuro Mansion

 Type A (10㎡) Type B (7.5㎡) Initial cost for three months
Single Room68,000 yen60,000 yen270,000~285,000 yen
Double Room44,000 yen39,000 yen187,000~212,000 yen


CharacteristicsShared Type
Basic facilitiesTV,AC,refrigerator,rice cooker,bed,desk,mattress,wash machine,microwave,WIFI
Access10 minutes walk from Seibu Numabukuro station
  • 16 minutes commute(from Numabukuro to Shin-Okubo)
  • 40 minutes commute and walk from apartment to school
Room StyleWestern-style 9.02㎡