Daily Life

Can you imagine student life in Japan?
Let us introduce the common student life of international students.

TimeActionDaily action
7:00Wake upWake up with excited
7:30BreakfastHaving a yummy breakfast
8:00Preparation to go outPrepare for school and Check today’s schedule
9:00Class startFun-filled class start
12:30Class endFun-filled class end
13:00LunchHaving a joyful lunch with friends in a cool café
14:30HomeworkDoing homework at café or home before going to part-time job
16:00Part-time job startWorking with Japanese and other foreign colleagues
20:00DinnerEat good dinner for employee
21:00Part-time job endFinished today’s part-time job.
22:00Preparation and ReviewPrepare and review before going to bed.
24:00Go to bedGo to bed while looking back on the day today.