Preparatory Japanese Course for Undergraduate Studies

It is a course for those students who wish to go to undergraduate school. Mainly, the EJU level is required for entering the university. It is one of the process to enter university. For this, all you should have is the support around and practical skills. Without aiming teachers and students co-operatively, one cannot solve the problem. Students will be selected by the results of written test and interview.


KanjiPractice 2,000 characters kanji for JLPT 1 and 2,000 characters kanji for JLPT 2
ListeningPractice listening comprehension for EJU
GrammarComplete grammar for JLPT 1&2
ReadingPractice reading comprehension using newspapers and JLPT/EJU textbooks
WritingTechniques to gain perfect score in writing


1st Period9:00~9:45
2nd Period9:55~10:40
3rd Period10:50~11:35
4th Period11:45~12:30

Intensive preparation class for EJU

Wednesday・FridayMathematics I13:30~15:30
Tuesday・ThursdayGeneral subject13:30~15:30

※Students Qualification:More than Japanese Intermediate level
※Day and Time of the subject can be changed according to circumstances.